Sendy File Download After Subscribe

Sendy File Download After Subscribe

One of the best ways to get visitors to subscribe to your newsletter is to offer them something free when they sign up. You’ve probably read that a couple of hundred times as you were researching the setup of your newsletter and mailing list. Sendy file downloads are very easy to configure.

First, you will need to open the list you are going to be sending the download to. Once you click on the list you will choose the Autoresponders option.

Sendy Autoresonder
When you open the Autoresponders option you will be prompted to create an autoresponder name. To be clear, you will want to keep this pretty generic because your drip campaign or autoresponder can be configured to include many actions and they will all fit under this one “drip”.

Screenshot 2016-06-06 13.25.55

After you have created your autoresponder name you will be taken to the options to create your different actions. You will need to choose the Add a new email to this autoresponder link. When this link is accessed you will notice the familiar email configuration screen. If you are going to include a link, I would go ahead and craft your email thanking them for the time and for trusting you with their email address. I will cover creating a public link in the directions below.

Sendy Create Autoresponder Email

However, if you are sending them a file, you should also include a crafty salutation. But instead of the link, you are going to scroll down to the bottom portion of the screen and choose the attachment option, attach your file and then if you are done click Save Autoresponder email. You might also want to read about including URL campaign parameters here

Screenshot 2016-06-06 13.26.47

You can now add additional autoresponder emails to your drip campaign as well or view reports for the existing emails being sent. The reports work exactly the same way as Campaign reports but will have to be accessed from the autoresponder screen to view them.

If you would like to include a publicly accessible link and you have a Dropbox account it’s easy to do from your Mac, PC, or the website. If you don’t have a Dropbox account, feel free to get one here.

On PC or Mac open your Dropbox folder, browse to the Public folder, right click on the file you’d like to share and choose Copy Public Link which will be copied to your clipboard and ready to be pasted in your email.

Screenshot 2016-06-06 13.27.40


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