Sendy App for iOS Review

A Sendy App for iOS

Sendy App for iOS IconThe Sendy web UI is responsive and already ready for mobile but an enterprising user has created an iPhone Sendy app for our favorite email marketing campaign tool. This is a review of the Sendy Analytics app. I like apps, because it makes it easy for me, as a power user, to get to the information I need quicker.

Sendy Analytics – Mark Petherbridge is available in the App Store but will require additional setup on your server.

Once you have downloaded the app you will be met with a screen instructing you to configure your server in order to access it. Seems odd but given the fact that the Sendy app is not official for the Sendy application it certainly makes sense. Hit this link for the install instructions to get it done before you download the app.

I have used the app several times and it is one of the few times I can actually say I prefer the mobile web over an app. The app is buggy and when working on LTE, it gives me a headache to the point it’s almost unusable. I get a nagging message about the internet being unavailable and when I click “connect” it shows doubles for all of the Brands and Campaigns I have. This error is so pervasive, I can recreate the issue at will. With all of that said, if you choose to use the account as outlined on our Pricing page, you will have access to the Sendy API to support the Sendy app.

It was a great version 1 and could be amazing if it had any functionality other than reporting in app form. See, the issue with this app is that it actually doesn’t have any functionality. It’s just a swiping view of the campaign reports and for that it gets an A for effort but an F for usefulness.

I always feel bad criticizing someone for not executing something that I couldn’t even start myself but Sendy should have an app. We should be able to manage, edit, and create campaigns from mobile. With templates now being available, it would seem this functionality would be much easier. Let’s hope the number of Sendy users grows to the point it becomes a future feature.


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