Sendy is Now Part of Zapier!

As of Version Sendy is completely available now in Zapier.

  • Sendy is now “global” on Zapier! Anyone can now use Sendy on Zapier without using an invite link. Explore ready to use “Zaps” in the ‘Third party resources & Integrations‘ page!
  • Some slight changes to data output for Zapier actions and triggers
  • Added new ‘Delete subscriber’ API method to delete a subscriber off a list (in addition to the existing ‘unsubscribe’ method)

sendy-zapier-integrationWith Zapier support, this opens up a whole world of automation! You can now integrate Sendy with over 500 apps available in Zapier’s directory. This also satisfies popular use-cases like the following:

  • Notify yourself via email when a new user subscribes to your list
  • Send an email to subscribe a user to a list
  • Unsubscribe a user from a list when subscribed to another (essentially moving the subscriber between lists)
  • Create a draft campaign ready to send when you publish a new post in your blog (RSS to Email)
  • Tweet automatically after your campaign is sent
  • And many more limited only by your imagination!


As part of Zapier’s process of being listed in their official app directory, Sendy is currently in “Invite-only” mode. That means you’d need to visit this “Invite Link” in order to use Sendy integration in your Zapier account.



Building a Mailing List using Excel and Amazon Mechanical Turk – Ryan Taylor

Amazon mTurk and Excel or CSV files

I was working with a friend on building a mailing list, but all he had was an Excel Spreadsheet with a column full of Business Names and a need for more information. The question was how do we quickly build out a list of qualified customers without spending … Read more

Source: Building a Mailing List using Excel and Amazon Mechanical Turk – Ryan Taylor

RSS Sendy Email Campaigns

RSS Sendy Email Campaigns

I believe Sendy’s most requested feature is the RSS to email campaign. As someone who maintains a blog (you’re on one of them) I like to keep people updated via email when I update my blogs. My blog has an RSS feed and I also have Sendy. Lucky me, but also lucky you, because I found the following github project for doing exactly that. Download the zip or do a GIT and save the folder somewhere you can access it. I am working on my script locally and you can too.  Read More »

Sendy File Download After Subscribe

Sendy File Download After Subscribe

One of the best ways to get visitors to subscribe to your newsletter is to offer them something free when they sign up. You’ve probably read that a couple of hundred times as you were researching the setup of your newsletter and mailing list. Sendy file downloads are very easy to configure.

First, you will need to open the list you are going to be sending the download to. Once you click on the list you will choose the Autoresponders option. Read More »

Integrate Google Analytics in Sendy

Google Analytics – Sendy

Campaigns are a common terminology in Google Analytics and Sendy. I only recently started using campaign parameters when using, or having others use a link back to my website. I then took the knowledge gained from our link building experience and started including it in our Newsletters too. Sendy doesn’t have the ability to add your analytics tracking javascript directly and you really shouldn’t need it. What you can do however is build campaign parameters into each newsletter so that links are tracked to the appropriate campaign.

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Sendy App for iOS Review

A Sendy App for iOS

Sendy App for iOS IconThe Sendy web UI is responsive and already ready for mobile but an enterprising user has created an iPhone Sendy app for our favorite email marketing campaign tool. This is a review of the Sendy Analytics app. I like apps, because it makes it easy for me, as a power user, to get to the information I need quicker.

Sendy Analytics – Mark Petherbridge is available in the App Store but will require additional setup on your server. Read More »

Using Sendy API for a Dashboard

Sendy API for Dashboard Metrics

The documented cases to use the Sendy API are few, but in our case we use it every 5 minutes. In my company we don’t run a bunch of mysql statements to get information from the database. We don’t track our Facebook likes, Twitter followers, or any other important metric with a manual check.  Instead we simply write a script and dump that information into Graphite. If you aren’t familiar with Graphite and Grafana, get on board if you like having a dashboard to reference for metrics at a glance. Read More »